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Why I Went to Mexico for my Fake Honeymoon

As you may or may not know, I’m pretty involved with the social media efforts Travelocity has going on. That is to say, The Roaming Gnome and I are pretty good friends. So far, we’ve traveled together to Los Angeles, South Carolina, Las Vegas, and most recently to Cancun, Mexico.

Excellence Resorts Playa Mujeres invited The Roaming Gnome to check out their resort. Considering The Roaming Gnome cannot travel alone, I got to tag along. His whole account of the trip can be seen on his Facebook page.

However, from my side, I can personally say it was amazing. While there, I met many couples, which further reinforced that this is a great place to honeymoon. The resort’s service, amenities, and prime location have me wanting to come back again for my real honeymoon.

As a teenager, when I envisioned my honeymoon, I imagined a carefree luxurious romantic vacation. The service at the resort made this all possible. As soon as I walked through the door they handed me a nice glass of champagne. A bell hop took care of my luggage and I was reminded that everything–food and drinks–is included in my stay. My only job was to enjoy myself.

Not only was the service great, but the amenities the resort offers are spectacular. From hydrotherapy to nightly performances, they really had everything. Plus, with nine different restaurants, you had the flexibility to choose whatever cuisine you were in the mood for.

Last but not least, it was the location that really did me in. Just 40 minutes away from Cancun you are able to benefit from cheap Cancun flights with the exclusivity of a private beach. The weather was spectacular and the water crystal clear.

It was nice to experience a “fake” honeymoon. It sets the bar high as to what I expect for my real honeymoon whenever that time comes. I haven’t checked out the other Cancun resorts, but I can say Excellence Resorts was a very good place to start.




jealous woman

Oh, I would want to go to that place when I would have my honeymoon soon. I want a get-away wherein its beachy and sunny all day long. I am finding some good locations where we could relax with my hubby and just have a good time together with good food as well. But I do not have much space in my wallet for expensive ones for as long as it is just right and the place is good it is fine. :)


I wish my honeymoon had been fake.

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