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Travel Blogging Tips from TBEX and The Roaming Gnome

The Travelocity Roaming Gnome attended his second annual TBEX Travel Blogger Exchange conference in Toronto, Canada this weekend.  As I watched him work the room it made me realize, travel bloggers can learn a lot from the Roaming Gnome. Here are my six travel blogging tips from spending three whole days at TBEX with the gnome, the myth, the legend.
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Travelocity Go and Smell the Roses: New TV Commercials

Go and Smell the Roses.  It’s more than Travelocity’s new tagline and TV campaign. It’s our way of life.  We believe that the world is a magical place, and that adventures await in your own backyard.  In a nearby city.  Or an exotic, far-away place.  So don’t stop.  Go.  Smell the roses.  Taste the flavors.  See the world…and never look back.

No one embodies the ‘Go and Smell the Roses’ spirit more than our very own Travelocity Roaming Gnome.  In his brand new Travelocity TV campaign, the Roaming Gnome leaves the mundane behind to experience the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, the joyful Holi Festival in India and other amazing travel destinations.

Watch the full campaign below and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see behind-the-scenes Roaming Gnome bloopers!

Travel Infographic: Holiday Travel Tips and Cheapest Days to Fly

If you’ve found it increasingly difficult to lock in cheap airfare this holiday season, you’re not alone. The average domestic airfare is $414, up nine percent year-over-year and up nearly six percent for international airfare at an average of $990.  But while the numbers don’t lie, there are still some popular routes that are coming in well below the national average, like Los Angeles to Denver ($312) and South Florida to New York City ($272).  All is not lost, my friends.

No matter where you’re travelling this holiday season, the secret to savings is flexibility. Check out this infographic for more tips on holiday travel.