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Love Is for Tourism Slogans

I kind of have a thing for tourism slogans. I just love a clever, inspiring line that captures the feel of a place, and if it’s shouted by a celebrity at the end of a highly stylized commercial, all the better! Is there anyone who didn’t consider casting a line for work out west after California’s “find yourself here” commercial? Come on: Rob Lowe! Mickey Mouse! The Pacific Ocean!

Of course, I haven’t seen one of those ad spots in a while—the average tourism slogan’s lifespan is tragically short, after all. That’s why I’m especially impressed that “Virginia Is for Lovers” is celebrating its 40th anniversary as the state’s official catchphrase this year, and that, to celebrate, Virginia is giving away 40 trips in 40 weeks, with each trip catering to a certain “passionality.”

I can’t think of any more-recently launched campaigns that promise such longevity. Probably not Los Angeles’ new That’s So LA spots featuring locals like Lauren Conrad, nor Colombia’s clever-but-creepy line, “the only risk is wanting to stay.” I’m not a huge fan of Atlanta’s “City Lights, Southern Nights,” and I like New York City’s refreshed tourism website but am not crazy about the tagline, “this is new york city.” (Maybe it’s the lowercase letters that turn me off.) And some slogans don’t even make it to market, like New Jersey’s proposed, “We Will Win You Over.”

So is there a destination whose slogan most entices (or repels) you? One that turned out to be completely misrepresentative of the place? Or do you have any ideas for slogans that are just waiting to happen?

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My name: Michelle Doucette

How I earn my keep: I'm an editor at

Favorite way to get around: Some of my favorite trips involved renting cars in foreign countries and driving through the countryside, stopping on whims. You get a feel for the culture away from the big cities and meet interesting people on the road, including, I must admit, an embarrassingly high number of local policemen. I suppose it would be prudent to learn all of the traffic laws ahead of time.

Best meal I've had while traveling: Since a succession of gelato cones probably doesn't count as a meal, my favorite must have been a fresh crabmeat lunch prepared by a St. John sailboat captain while we took a break from snorkeling in the Caribbean. Sharing baklava as the sun came up over Paros, Greece, (while, once again, not technically a meal) was also memorable.

Travel ambitions: Since climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, I've figured out that I'd like to keep trekking while traveling. I've got my eyes on epic hikes in Nepal, Bhutan, and Peru.



Bar none, Baltimore is the slogan capital of the world. It has been by turns, The City That Reads, Charm City, The Greatest City in America, Baltimore is Better, Believe Baltimore, Crabtown…

But I just call it, The Wire Wasn’t Kidding.


At least City Lights, Southern Nights is slightly better than Everyday is an Opening Day …


New Jersey’s slogan, “Come and see for yourself” doesn’t really want me to take the Path train over to see our neighbors over the Hudson.

I do hear a lot that NJ grow amazing tomatoes thought, so how about something like, “New Jersey: Sweet and tart just like our tomatoes..”


great slogan buddy…
I fully agree with you but my life is so busy these days because of my work of 642-436 and 640-802 that normally its very difficult for me to to plane trips.

Beta Alanine

Yup you are exactly right Love is tourism slogans,


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