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Five Retreats For You and Your Sweets

Mexican Retreat

Valentine’s Day is the day of love, but that doesn’t mean you should restrict your romance to one day a year.  The world is full of gorgeous locales just waiting to be explored and our resident Travelocity Canada travel expert, Brian Simpson, and has created a list of of romantic retreats that will get their heart pumping any day of the year.   Read more

Kid Friendly San Francisco

Please join us in welcoming guest author and Travelocity employee Anna Wilkens, who originally hails from Sweden. Anna is currently based in San Francisco and enjoys traveling the world with her two-and-a-half year-old daughter.

When my family moved to San Francisco, friends recommended that we find a place outside of the city to keep the rent down and enjoy a more child-friendly non-city environment.

But, we actually moved to the city with its many hills, hard to explain microclimates, expensive square footage, and, as it turned out, tons of children’s activities. We found playgrounds in each and every neighborhood and impressive parks and beaches in every direction, plus amazing food from all over the world. We couldn’t have made a better choice.

Summer in the Park: San Francisco

If there’s one thing San Francisco loves more than bacon, it’s parks. One hint of hot, sunny weather and we migrate in bikini-clad droves to the nearest grassy space, spread out our picnic blankets, and soak up as much Vitamin D as humanly possible before the sun rolls down behind the hills. Sure, we have a beach, but in a lot of ways the park has become an even better warm-weather alternative–an easy-to-get-to piece of nature in an otherwise urban sprawl.

Nature Lover’s San Francisco: Enter for a Chance to Win a Green Getaway to San Francisco

Even though I live in one of America’s biggest cities, I’m a nature lover at heart. Born on the beaches of Florida, I get a little stir-crazy when I’m cooped up in a concrete jungle like New York or confined to a land-locked town like Dallas. That’s one of a thousand reasons I call San Francisco my home.

Are you looking for an urban escape with a healthy dash of the great outdoors? Book a San Francisco vacation package and then check out my top five favorite natural escapes. Plus, keep reading to learn how to enter for a chance to win a special trip for you and three friends to San Francisco.


Top 4 Coffee Houses in San Francisco: San Francisco Vacation Deals

When you live in San Francisco, one of the funniest sights is double-decker buses full of tourists shivering in their short-sleeve shirts. They were promised sunny California–and instead they got Fog City. Not only is our weather moody year round, but the summer is especially bone chilling. Just as tourist season swings into high gear, that famous fog starts rolling in.

But there is a nice side to this unexpected chilly clime: it’s always a good day for a nice cup of coffee. Perhaps that’s why we take our coffee so seriously here. Book a San Francisco vacation package and check out my top four spots to get buzzed.