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How is the Travel Industry Helping Haiti?

It is with heavy hearts that we at the Window Seat have been watching the coverage of the disaster in Haiti. Political instability, economic poverty, and a series of natural disasters have kept many would-be tourists from experiencing the rich culture and beautiful shores of this small country–but this has not kept the travel industry from responding with donations and acts of charity. Here’s how a few travel companies have stepped up to help.

Travelocity: As of Tuesday, 1/19, Travelocity/Sabre Holdings and its employees have already committed $30,000 to relief efforts.

A Modern Mystery at Machu Picchu

I’m beginning to have a contentious relationship with Machu Picchu, and I’ve never even seen it. But at least I’m not the only one.

For the last few months, I’ve been trying to decide on the location of my next trekking trip, and because some friends and I ended up with flight vouchers to South America (long story), the Inca Trail was at the top of my list. Then I met some people who had opted for the “other Machu Picchu,” Choquequirao, and my eyes wandered. It seemed like maybe I could get the thrill of hiking to a legendary lost city with less crowds. And so it’s gone, back and forth, with a few other possibilities (Llamas! Jungles! Volcanoes!) thrown in for good measure.

Photo courtesy of IgoUgo member pietropecco

Rio to New York via…Lisbon?

It took 48 hours and a side trip to Portugal, but I’ve finally made it back from Brazil.

After spending New Year’s week in South America, three friends and I arrived at the Rio de Janeiro airport to discover that our flight home had been canceled—and that the first available flight out of Rio on any airline would be on January 21. It was January 6.