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5 of the Tallest Hotels in the World

It’s been nearly 50 years since the Empire State Building held the title “Tallest Building in the World,” but the world’s still head over heels for skyscrapers. Luckily for us modern folk, our tallest towers are no longer just for work–you can also climb into the clouds to sip cocktails, go for a swim, or satisfy your shutterbug impulses with some truly unmatched panoramas. From the newest high-altitude hotel in Hong Kong to some of Dubai’s steepest stays, here are five of the world’s tallest hotels:

Slip Slidin’ Away In Singapore’s Changi Airport

I always loved Changi Airport. My parents lived in Singapore for seven years, so I was frequent visitor. The restaurants were surprisingly good, the public spaces were filled with massage chairs and free Internet terminals, and the whole place was (unsurprisingly, if not a little stereotypically) spotless.

Now, however, I think I love Changi Airport even more: they’ve recently added a 40-foot slide.

Shanghai’s Expo 2010: The New World’s Fair

What do Paris’ Eiffel Tower, Seattle’s Space Needle, and San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts have in common? They were all built for prior World’s Fair events.

If you’re unfamiliar with World’s Fairs, try imagining a cross between a technology convention and a county fair, with nations from all over the world setting up the displays. There are elaborate buildings, artistic displays, live performances, movies, and more–and this year, the festivities are taking place in Shanghai, China.