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Fans Post Their Favorite Travelocity Roaming Gnome Vacation Photos

Recently a colleague of ours emailed us a picture while she was on vacation. She had surprisingly found a statue of The Roaming Gnome in a dive shop in Abaco, Bahamas (one of summer’s top 10 family destinations) and had sent us a picture of him. This made us wonder: have other travelers also spotted the Travelocity mascot in unusual travel destinations?

So we asked The Roaming Gnome’s Facebook fans and it turns out they’ve had plenty of Gnome vacation sightings all over the world. Fans posted many pictures of the Gnome on his Facebook Wall in places from Arizona to Haiti, and from Puerto Rico to Italy.

As promised, we picked a random photo to post in today’s blog entry. Below is a picture from Russell Cole who posted this picture of the Gnome with the caption, “Seen on the California Trail in City of Rocks, Idaho in the back of a Covered Wagon!”

The Roaming Gnome in Idaho

We’re continually surprised by The Roaming Gnome’s inspiration to travelers around the world. Many people have bought their own mini-gnome to take with them on their travels and some have actually had the pleasure of seeing THE actual Roaming Gnome on his various trips throughout the year.  His quirky witty humor and his zest for all things travel encourages people to see the world.

Do you have your own Roaming Gnome? Or, have you seen him while you’ve been traveling?  We’d love to know. Feel free to leave a comment or send a message to the Gnome himself on his Facebook wall. And if you don’t already, you can always follow him on Twitter or his Facebook page.


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The Gnome looks right at home in that wagon. Great photo!


very good post…..

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