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Travelocity’s Top Four Romantic Vacations for Valentine’s Day

Roses and chocolate are a sure bet for Valentine’s Day, but if you really want to up the ante why not surprise your sweetheart and take them on a romantic Valentine’s Day vacation?  In my latest Fox & Friends First segment I shared my top four romantic vacations that are big on romance but not on price. Read more

Reno: The Biggest Little City I’m in Love with

I’d been living in the S.F. Bay Area for over seven years before I finally discovered Reno. For those of you without a Jeopardy-grade geography recall, that’s like living in Salt Lake City and never driving up to Yellowstone: an unforgiveable travel offense. But don’t worry. I’m making things better by putting together a Reno/Tahoe bucket list for all you intrepid domestic travelers. And here it is:

Eclipsing the Competition

The first thing I noticed about the Celebrity Eclipse was how put-together it was. It’s like that friend who’s always immaculately accessorized, or that vodka ad with its mathematically-arranged condensation beads. It’s an ensemble of sweeping glass balconies, high ceilings, and low-lit lounges, each room flowing into the next like an unbroken wave. At the same time, each space is marvelously self-contained–marked out with signatures ranging from the space-age to the Victorian age.

Flash, Splash, and Plenty of Cash: World’s Priciest Hotel Rooms

On my honeymoon, I stayed at the amazing Eratap Beach Resort in Vanuatu, which was, hands down, the nicest place I’ve ever stayed. There were only twelve villas, all of them beachfront, and you saw the other guests so rarely that you felt you had the entire island to yourself. The food was deserving of a Michelin star (or ten), the hotel offered private boat rides to deserted islands just ripe for frolicking and picnicking, and the inside of each villa was decorated to the nines. My entire aparment in San Francisco could have fit inside the sunken ocean-view tub.

However, it was nowhere near as luxurious as some of the following hotels. Got a little spare cash to spend on a night away from home? Grab your Platinum card and grit your teeth; here are some of the world’s priciest rooms: