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Ask a New York City Expert: Meet Loulu Lima, Travelocity’s New York City Market Manager

Editor’s Note: Periodically, we’ll be featuring a Q&A with our resident destination experts at Travelocity, the Travelocity market managers. Market managers are locals to their destination and experts on everything and anything related to tourism in their markets. Please welcome them to The Window Seat.

Loulu Lima is one of  the Travelocity market managers for NYC. She has been with Travelocity for four years. She enjoys sports, cooking, family time and traveling. Her favorite part of the job is discounts on hotels!   I love to travel around the city and act like a tourist, so I know how to sell my hometown better.  With a city like NYC, its hard to know it all.  

Loulu and her sister on a trip to Cancun.

TWS: If you had to pick just one thing that makes New York City special, what is it and why?

LL: There isn’t anything you can’t find in NYC and you can always find it for the price you are willing to pay..  you just have to negotiate.  This city really helps build those haggling skills.

TWS: What’s the best time of year to visit New York City to get a deal? Pros and cons of visiting at that time of year? 

LL: The best deals are found at the end of December (excluding NYE)– March,  Yeah it’s cold, but the wallet won’t feel so empty and you’ll get so much more for your money. 

TWS: What’s the secret to getting a deal on New York City hotels?

LL: Being flexible allows you to get most of your wish list within or under your budget.  Example staying downtown on the weekend is cheaper than times square,  or staying outside the city and commuting in during the city’s peak periods, allows you to experience the diversity of the city and keeps your wallet fatter.

TWS: Tell us your number-one favorite restaurant in New York City and what menu item a visitor has to try. 

LL:  NYC Pizza… check out Grimaldi’s.

TWS: What’s a secret the locals know but tourists don’t?

LL: The outer boroughs -  we are such a multicultural and dynamic city.  Just minutes from Manhattan, you can find yourself in Brooklyn where true pizza lives.

TWS: What’s the most common misconception about New York City?

LL:  That it’s super expensive.  There are so many free items in the city to do and not all food is expensive either.  NYC can be done on a frugal budget.

TWS: Do you know the Roaming Gnome personally? What is his favorite thing about your New York City? 

LL:  Oh we are old friends! Love to sit and have High Tea in Central Park and people watch…  it’s utterly amazing!  One of his favorite things about NYC is that it’s so easy to get around -  with mass transit , it’s affordable, ecofriendly, and most of all lets you cover so much of the city.  The Gnome loves to roam on the bus so he can see all the sites and mingle with everyone. 

TWS: How much time should a visitor allocate to properly see New York City?

LL: Four of five nights.


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